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Zhang bin alumni as "national model of the rule of law publicity and education individual"
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Recently, the central propaganda department, the department of justice was held in Beijing in the eighth national work conference on the rule of law publicity and education. During the meeting, for the "purpose of" the franco-prussian awards the advanced collectives and advanced individuals, our school alumni zhang bin has been rated "national model of the rule of law publicity and education individual".
Zhang bin alumni is my school doctor of law, guangdong ZhuoJian law firm, director of the all China lawyers association, vice President of shenzhen. He is a large public dissemination activities in shenzhen "people is broken, the founder of", promoters and organizers. The activity of social hot topics through debate or other ways to show pros and cons of reasonable and legal aspects of the analysis, the final 15 by ordinary citizens decision of the jury of the heuristic method of activity is realized with ordinary citizens the franco-prussian education, effective collection of public opinion, also makes up for the traditional way the franco-prussian become a mere formality and the defect of citizen participation is insufficient, has obtained the good social effect, by shenzhen committee secretary liang called "new model" of the franco-prussian. "People are broken" has successfully held 20 period, become the brand of shenzhen the franco-prussian columns.
Zhang bin alumni as vice chairman of shenzhen lawyers association, and always put the rule of law as an important part of the work. To set up the method and the shenzhen civic Bridges, shenzhen lawyers in the first circuit court of the supreme people's court have worked as a volunteer, volunteer lawyers in their professional legal knowledge to guide the parties to litigation activity in need free of charge, help the masses solve disputes, reduce the mass v. tired, saving judicial costs, promote judicial open, fair and just. For the implementation of National People's Congress legislation and participating legislation, promote scientific and democratic legislation, give full play to people's organizations and social organizations in the role of legislation consultation, actively negotiate standing committee at the municipal lawyers association set up legislation research base, involve a lawyer in the city in the legislative research, argumentation and evaluation, etc. Legislative research base to further mobilize and expand the social from all walks of life force to participate in the National People's Congress legislative work enthusiasm, effectively improve the legislative quality.
Zhang said: "the franco-prussian, we've been on the road; let the law in every one's heart, we have been trying to". Zhang bin alumni high social sense of responsibility and mission, and persistence of the franco-prussian practice, the novel concept of the franco-prussian, "Internet +" way of the franco-prussian, worth every young people learn and draw lessons from.

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