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From the success of the international symposium on "the death penalty judicial control"
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The morning of February 25, 2012, sponsored by the jilin university school of law, criminal law science research center of the international symposium on "the death penalty judicial control" in the east rong mansion at jilin university in the first meeting room.
The opening meeting shall be presided over by jilin university law school dean assistant professor Xu Dai. At the opening ceremony at jilin university in international cooperation and exchanges in Edison liu, director of the jilin university social sciences Sun Changzhi director, Beijing normal university, Chinese academy of criminal law and the law school dean punishment law research association: professor zhao bingzhi, the supreme people's court criminal trial court Gao Guijun chief judges, five national prosecutors college, dean of jilin branch has day, South Korea's criminal policy institute Jin Rixiu dean, waseda university school of law professor pine ze extended researchment department dean of studies, Tian Xinglong in Meiji university law professor, colton, vice President of the jilin university law school professor successively speeches, congratulations on meeting held, and look forward to the Chinese and foreign experts and scholars for discussion and in-depth exchanges mutually, positive for the death penalty judicial control make recommendations.
From Korean institute of criminal policy, waseda university, Meiji university, Beijing normal university academy of criminal law, Chinese academy of social sciences institute of law, wuhan university, nankai university, northeast normal university, the supreme people's court, jilin province in jilin province higher people's court, people's procuratorate, the national judges college of jilin branch, national prosecutors college jilin branch, Beijing crown value (changchun) law firm of experts, scholars, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, a total of nearly 70 people around the theme of "the death penalty and the judicial control", "sentencing plot and the death penalty", "public opinion, etc for discretion and judicial control of the death penalty" the unit such as the extensive and in-depth discussion. The experts believe that the death penalty in our country judicial control the path of the judicial control of the death penalty shall be combined with the legislative control.
Meeting the British embassy in Beijing at the closing ceremony program officer ms Luo Qing speech, congratulations on the smooth convening of the meeting, professor Xu Dai made the judicial control local goals and direction for the death of the summary report. The meeting indicated that "the death penalty judicial control" hosted by professor Xu Dai projects, complete item.

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