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School of Law Holds Opening Ceremony to Welcome New Students

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-10-21

On 10th October, Jilin University School of Law held an opening ceremony to welcome new cohort of students at Dingxin Hall. Professor Zhang Wenxian, member of Party Group and director of Academic Committee of China Law Society, and Senior Professor of Philosophy and Social Science of Jilin University, Professor Cai Lidong, the Vice President of Jilin University, and guests from relevant organizations and institutions attended. The ceremony was hosted by Lin Yuanyuan, the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Deputy Dean of School of Law.

Professor Xu Dai, Deputy Dean of School of Law, announced the winners of 2019-2020 King&Wood Scholarship and Yue Cheng Scholarship. Li Xiaoyang and Yu Rihong, partners of Beijing King&Wood Law Firm, delivered their congratulations through videos. Yue Shenshan, senior partner of Beijing Yue Cheng Law Firm, and Cao Xianfeng, Deputy Dean of School of Law, awarded Yuecheng Scholarship and King&Wood Scholarship to the winning teachers and students respectively.

Wang Yichuan and Sun Yu delivered speeches on behalf of freshmen and current students.

Professor Cai Lidong, Qi Jingchun (the general manager of Changchun Jiacheng Information and Technology Company), Liang Haiqiang, (chairman and CEO of Jufa, Changchun Company), and Liu Siming, (the founder of Changchun Bashou Technology Company), announced the establishment of Training Base for Postgraduates Education of School of Law. Cui Fang, the general manager of Business Department of Changchun Jiacheng Information and Technology Company addressed at this session.

Lv Xin, Deputy Dean of School of Law, granted Letter of Appointment to undergraduate counselors of Class 2020, including Yao Ying, Chen Jinyang, Ai Lin, Xing Dan, Li Xiaoqian, Liu Xuebin, Wang Guozhu, Sun Liangguo, Jia Zhiqiang, and Li Xin. Xu Jie, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee at School of Law, announced decisions on Honorary Award to Professors Teaching for over 30 Years. Professor Ren Xirong, announced decisions on award to Honorary Titles. Zhou Chunguo, the Secretary of Party Committee of School of Law, granted certificates of honor to Prof. Xu Weidong, Prof. Ma Xinyan, Prof. Zhang Xu, Prof. Lv Li, Prof. Li Jianhua and Prof. Min Chunlei, who have been teaching in Law school for over 30 years. Dean He Zhipeng granted the honorary medal to Prof. Zhang Wenxian.

Prof. Zhang Wenxian addressed at the ceremony. Firstly, he expressed warm welcome and congratulations to the new students. Then he reviewed the honorable history of Jilin University School of Law through his own studying and teaching experience, and told moving stories of excellent alumni to the students. He said that School of Law is like a jewelry store of legal research and encouraged students to make full use of time while studying at school. At last, he wished that students could make great achievements and contribute to the future of Jilin University School of Law.

At last, Dean He Zhipeng made remarks to express his sincere respect and thanks to Prof. Zhang Wenxian and the six senior professors who have been teaching for over 30 years, for their remarkable devotions to Chinese legal education and practice. He summarized the qualities of good law schools and outstanding legal personnel, which are about persistence, modesty, innovation, and pursuit of excellence. He expected the students to make greater accomplishments and contribute to a better law school.