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Theme Activities on National Constitution Day

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-12-14

The Higher Peoples Court of Jilin Province held a theme activity on 4 December, the National Constitution Day. Teachers and students from Jilin University School of Law were invited. The visit is mainly divided into four sections: The Litigation Service Center of the Provincial High Court, the Exhibition Gallery, Dingzheng Bookstore and the History Museum of the Provincial High Court.

At the Litigation Service Center, students learned about the working process and use of modern litigation service equipment, such as the convenient self-service litigation terminal server. The Exhibition Gallery showed the achievements of Jilin Provincial Court in the judicial field from different perspectives. The gallery is the epitome of the long-term development of Jilin Provincial Court. Then, students visited Dingzheng Bookstore, which has a rich collection of books related to the rule of law. Students are inspired by the books and increase their awareness of the rule of law.

In the end of the visit, it came to the History Museum of the Provincial High Court and students learned about the origin and development of the History Museum through a short video. Then, under the guidance of the lecturer, the students reviewed the long history of the courts in Jilin Province since the founding of the People’s Republic of China and knew about the dynamics and changes of the court in different historical periods. Students also got an opportunity to understand the theoretical and practical combination in the context of a new judicial system.

The visit is a successful practice of implementing the principle of “carrying forward the spirit of the Constitution and building China under the rule of law”. Students learned to strengthen their sense of responsibility, safeguard the authority of the Constitution, be loyal advocates, conscientious followers and ardent defenders of the socialist rule of law, and contribute their youthful strength to promoting the comprehensive rule of law in the new era.