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Professor He Zhipeng invited to give a Lecture on Human Rights to St. Petersburg State University

SOURCE :     TIME: 2023-05-12

On May 5, 2023, at the invitation of St. Petersburg State University in Russia, Professor He Zhipeng, Executive Director of Jilin University Human Rights Institute and Dean of JLU School of Law, gave a lecture on human rights in China to the students of St. Petersburg State University School of Law. The research on human rights led by Professor He continues to yield new academic results. By combining theory and practice and collaborating across multiple disciplines and regions, Jilin University Human Rights Institute has formed a teaching and research platform integrating theoretical research, talent training, political advice, social service and cultural exchange. Starting from the rights-based thought and focusing on China’s human rights achievements, Jilin University Human Rights Institute devotes to the cause of human rights in China by contributing a series of academic  and practical efforts.

The lecture mainly introduced the developing path and general overview of human rights in China. In his lecture, Professor He criticized the politicization of human rights, pointed out the need to dispel the myth of Western democracy and human rights, and warned against the Thucydides trap constructed by other countries in the name of human rights. When human rights are related with ideological and political issues, they are not purely human rights, but weapons in the name of "human rights".

Professor He Zhipeng's lecture on human rights at St. Petersburg State University demonstrated the high quality of teaching in JLU School of Law once again, which was warmly welcomed and well appreciated by the participating students. The lecture spread Chinese wisdom in the field of human rights, expanded the global influence of China's democratic voice, enhanced the academic reputation of JLU School of Law, and further strengthened the exchange and cooperation between JLU School of Law and St. Petersburg State University School of Law in Russia.