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School of Law Wins “Red Cross Moot Court Competition of International Humanitarian Law”

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-09-29

The 13th “Red Cross Moot Court Competition of International Humanitarian Law” in Mainland China was held on the Changan Campus of Northwest University of Political Science and Law from 22 to 24 in November 2019. The competition was sponsored by the International Committee of the Red Cross and Northwest University of Political Science and Law. A total of 38 teams from various universities participated. The whole process of the competition was carried out in English. The participating teams analyzed the nature of armed conflicts, the protection of civilians in trapped cities, collateral damage, and attacks on workers and vehicles by applying international humanitarian law, international criminal law, international human rights law and other rules.

Since the announcement of the competition was issued in September 2019, School of Law responded immediately to select team members. Wei Xiaoxu, doctoral candidate in international law was selected as the team leader and the coach, the undergraduates Li Ke and Wu Yinfei were debaters. Sun Jiayang, a postgraduate in jurisprudence, took the position of researcher, and undergraduates Chen Yang, Pan Jun, and Huang Jingying were chosen as team members. Under the guidance and support of Professor He Zhipeng, Associate Professor Wang Yanzhi, Associate Professor Yao Ying, Associate Professor Zhao Haile and other teachers of the International Law Department, the team has conducted case review, legal research, bill of indictment writing, and speech delivery for preparation since mid-September in 2019.

On 23 November, 2019, the representative team won the first round of competition and started the knockout stages. On 24 November, our team won the third place in the knockout round and was qualified to represent mainland China teams to compete in the 18th Asia-Pacific Red Cross Moot Court Competition of International Humanitarian Law in 2020. At the same time, our team was also awarded the best bill of indictment for two consecutive years.

With the support of Law School and the guidance of the teachers, team members were devoted to preparation and cooperation for more than two months. The participants not only improved significantly in legal knowledge and competition skills, but also got in-depth understanding of international law. The team will learn from this competition and make efforts for the Asia Pacific competition in the coming year.