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Doctoral Candidate Wu Shengnan Competes in the 19th Legal Conference for International Students in Russia

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-10-15

The 19th Legal Conference for International Students was held in School of Law, St. Petersburg State University. This conference was themed at Russian law: between East and West, and 7 sessions relevant to the topics on transferring between western and eastern law, legal communication and cooperation between Russia and countries in Northeastern Asia are included. Students from Russia, China, Poland, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus made oral presentations in each session.

Ms. Wu Shengnan, the doctoral candidate of civil and commercial law of Class 2018 in School of Law, Jilin University, was invited to give a presentation on Protection of Minority Shareholder in Close Corporation Between the East and Weston at the seventh session of The Life of East and West Corporations in the Modern Reality, and had discussion with the audience. By comparison between legal regulations on protecting minority shareholders’ interest in Russia, the US, the UK and China, she made proposals for those countries to improve related regulations.

This conference had a wide range of participation and received 200 students’ applications, and Ms. Wu Shengnan was granted the best oral presentation in her session.