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Back-to-school season| School of Law Welcomes New Postgraduate Students

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-09-24

From 18th to 19th in September, with expectation of university life, 374 master candidates and 56 doctor candidates from all over the country came to Jilin University School of Law to begin their brand new life. Following the instruction of epidemic prevention and control, teachers and volunteers welcomed the newcomers with open arms at Dongrong Building and Arts Laboratory Building of Liberal Arts.

Sticking to the principle of “keeping safety as priority and pursing high efficiency and convenience” in the context of epidemic prevention and control, new digital means are adopted during the whole process by dividing new students into various cohorts. When new students arrived, their identification information and traveling records were immediately checked. Then, they were grouped to different classes to complete admission registration. At the same time, the school provided each student with a health package. Application for financial aids was also initiated to help students to engage in campus life.

Ms. Zheng Nuo, the director of postgraduates’ office and Ms. Xu Jin, the JM students’ counselor organized the volunteers to prepare carefully and conducted rehearsals before the newcomers arrived. Xu Jie, deputy secretary of CPC Committee at School of Law came to inspect and welcome new students. She greeted the volunteers cordially and strengthened the requirements of epidemic prevention. Ms. Zheng and Ms. Xu took full participation in the process to ensure it was carried out with high efficiency.

One day studying in Jilin University, lifetime attachment for Jilin University. At the moment of stepping into Jilin University School of Law , the name of “JLU Legal Talentwas entitled to more than 400 new postgraduate students. At the new beginning of life, everyone keeps in mind the Law school’s tradition to uphold justice and be motivated to overcome challenges.