Research Center of Judicial Statistics Application

Research Centre of Judicial Statistics Application, is a research institution led by Jilin University, based on the cooperation between School of Law and Jilin Superior People’s Court. It consists of faculty and researchers of Jilin University and judicial practitioners of Jilin Superior People’s Court. Its members are mainly experts and scholars in law, sociology, statistics and information technology, which covers a full range of relevant studies. Driven by the spirits of judicial revolution and taking advantages of comprehensive disciplines in Jilin University, Research Centre of Judicial Statistics Application is committed to undertaking the responsibility of social service by transforming theories into practice. Furthermore, in an attempt to provide  experience for legal construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Research Centre encourages cooperation between judicial sectors and research institutions.

Our research interests are related to evaluation system of trial quality, scientific decision of legal cases, legal environment, statistics and analyses of judicial data and fundamental construction of judicial statistics; the objectives of research center are about understanding the rule of judicial advancement, promoting judicial reform and encouraging the production of legal theories by applying judicial data. On the basis of  big-data technology, Research Centre of Judicial Statistics Application aims to provide effective solutions to issues regarding the construction of rule of law in China.

The director of academic committee assumes full responsibility for the research center, which consists of prestigious experts and scholars from Jilin University and other colleges. The academic committee is currently chaired by Zhang Wenxian, vice president of China Law Society, director of Collaborative Innovation Center of Judicial Civilization and senior professor of Jilin University. As the central decision-making organization, the academic committee reviews and approves the Center’s development planning, evaluates research programs, organizes bidding for projects and designs talent cultivation programs.