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ALSA Symposium ---- New Challenges and New Opportunities in Legal Education Holds Successfully

SOURCE :     TIME: 2021-06-04

From April 27th to April 28th, ALSA symposium-New Challenges and New Opportunities in Legal Education, jointly organized by Jilin University School of Law and City University of Hong Kong School of Law was successfully held online. The conference invited more than 30 experts and scholars from Australia, Russia, the United States, Singapore, Philippines, India, Hong Kong Region, Mainland China and other countries. Dean He Zhipeng, and Deputy Dean Wen Shuangge attended the meeting.

As the conference organizer, Professor Tan Cheng-Han SC, Dean of City University of Hong Kong School of Law, delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony, and Prof.He Zhipeng gave welcome and concluding speech at the opening and closing ceremonies respectively. He presided over the first session of the conference and pointed out that the world has been undergoing major changes and adjustments. The COVID-19 and anti-globalization trends have brought greater challenges to the future development of legal education and even the discipline of law. Therefore, the importance of cross-cultural, cross-regional exchanges and interactions is highlighted. Moreover, it was of great significance to be open and inclusive in communication. ALSA provides platforms for law schools across Asia to build relationships and this conference also played a positive role in promoting the development of legal education in Asia. Jilin University School of Law has always been inclusive and cooperative, and is committed to providing high-quality legal education. School of Law also hopes to cooperate with other colleges and universities, and work together to turn challenges into opportunities to achieve the overall development of law.

During the conference, experts and scholars actively gave presentations based on their respective research fields. Kate Galloway, associate professor of Griffith University School of Law, made a speech on the topic of “Publishing Legal Education Research: Influencing The Future”; associate professor Aleksei Dolzhikov of St. Petersburg State University School of Law, delivered a speech named “Case-method in Legal Education vs. Critical Legal Studies in Russia”; Jack Burke, senior teacher of City University of Hong Kong School of Law gave a speech titled “Show and Tell: Use of Innovative Teaching Methodologies in a Law School Practical Legal Training Programme”; Professor Joel Lee Tye Beng from the National University of Singapore shared his views in the speech “Teaching Practical Legal Skills: Principles, Pedagogy and Pitfalls.”

   The attendees exchanged and shared views such as Asian law education methods, aiming to improve the teaching quality and teaching methods of law schools, and to achieve cooperation and expand teaching resources. Jilin University School of Law has always adhered to the global opening strategy. The success of the conference marked that School of Law has reached a new level in educational opening-up and high-quality international and regional cooperation.