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Jilin University School of Law reaches new achievements in “International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition” (ICC)

SOURCE :     TIME: 2021-06-04

From April 17th to 18th, the main stage of the 2021 ICC was held online. A total of 70 college and university teams participated in the competition and after the selection of paper pleadings, 45 teams entered the main competition. In accordance with the relevant rules of international law, the defendant’s right to appear in court and conduct self-defense, crimes against humanity, and the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court were investigated as the litigation focuses.

After three matches in the first round, the representative team of our school competed into the second round; in the second round our team  won the first prize and was selected into the next stage of international competition. Since the Hague International Competition in the Chinese Moot Court of the International Criminal Court in 2019, and the 2020 Asia-Pacific competition of the Mainland China Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition, our representative team has once again made new achievements in Moot Court competitions.

Since the announcement of "International Criminal Court Chinese Moot Court" event on November 30th, 2020, our school has attached great importance to the competition and quickly formed a team, which consists the PhD candidate in international law Wei Xiaoxu as the coach, and the international law graduate student Zhou Meng as the team leader, with JD Geng Xiaoxue, undergraduate Wu Ting, and Lin Keyu as the debaters. Geng Siwen, postgraduate of International Law, and undergraduate Huang Jingying play the role of research fellows, undergraduate Peng Zihan and undergraduate Dai Xiaohui serve as team members.

Under the guidance and care of the teachers of the International Law Teaching and Research Department such as Professor He Zhipeng, Professor Wang Yanzhi, Associate Professor Yao Ying, and Associate Professor Zhao Haile, and with the strong support of the School of Law, team members cooperates well with one another. Through the training, the team members not only deepened their understanding of international law, but also gained significant improvement in court defense skills and teamwork ability. Our team will continue to work hard, overcome difficulties and shortcomings, accumulate experience, and make every effort to prepare for the upcoming international competition.