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Online Conference “Global Education: How to Connect Asia and Central and Eastern Europe”at the University of Warsaw

SOURCE :     TIME: 2021-04-08

The Global Education: How to Connect Asia and Central and Eastern Europe conference was held online by the Center for Chinese Law and Economic Research of the University of Warsaw in Poland from 27 to 28 March 2021, which themed at Global education-how to connect Asia and CEE?. Professor Ren Xirong, Director of the Office of Policy and Regulation of Jilin University, and Professor Wen Shuangge, Deputy Dean of School of Law were invited and made presentations at the conference. There were also student representatives of JLU School of Law, including Liu Yue, PhD candidate of Class 2019, Wang Kaiwen and Meng Xiuling, postgraduates of Class 2019.

The conference was divided into four sections, with experts, scholars and student representatives from China, Poland, Russia, Japan and other countries giving speeches to exchange views. After the opening speech, given by Piotr Grzebyk, Associate Dean of Legal Studies and International Cooperation of the Faculty of Law and Administration of Warsaw University, Prof. Ren Xirong made a presentation on the topic of Openness and Uniqueness: Modern Legal Education in China. The speech mainly introduced the past and present of Chinese legal education, and looked into the opportunities and challenges in the future, which was widely recognized by experts and scholars attending the conference. Professor Wen Shuangge delivered a speech entitled Learning and Teaching Strategies to Accommodate Various Students: Needs in Global Education. She emphasized the importance of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.

Later the conference proceeded to the student presentation module. Liu Yue and Wang Kaiwen gave presentations on Cooperation and communication of legal education under the 17+1 project. Meng Xiuling talked about Joint training as a new educational concept and mode in the students panel I - direct cooperation-from dialogue to long-lasting friendships. In the following Q&A session, the speaking students responded positively to the questions, and exchanged views with other attendees.

Teachers and students of Jilin University School of Law expressed their opinions and had in-depth discussions with teachers and students from various countries at the conference. This activity accommodates to the schools global opening strategy to establish cooperation with European institutions, and also accelerates the internationalization process of JLU School.