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JLU School of Law Holds China Side Event of the UN Human Rights Council 51st Session

SOURCE :     TIME: 2022-11-01

On September 19, 2022, China Side Event of the UN Human Rights Council 51st Session on Risks and Problems of Politicization of International Human Rights, hosted by the China Society for Human Rights Studies and co-organized by JLU School of Law Human Rights Research Center and Research Center of Jurisprudence, was successfully held online.

Over ten experts and scholars from home and abroad gave keynote speeches and carried on discussions. They are from universities, international organizations and institutions, including University of Innsbruck in Austria, International Progress Organization, Beijing University of Technology, Southeast University, Cambodian Human Rights Commission, Nankai University, Wuhan University, Northwest University of Political Science and Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Renmin University of China, China University of Political Science and Law and Central South University.

More than 100 audiences from domestic and foreign universities, research institutions and legal departments participated the online meeting, which was presided over by Professor Wen Shuangge, Vice Dean of Jilin University School of Law. The event was divided into two sessions.

In the first session, Professor Hans KÖCHLER from University of Innsbruck made a speech on Human Rights and Global Power Politics. Professor ZHANG Wei from China University of Political Science and Law reported on International Human Rights Law and American Double Standards. Professor XIAO Junyong from Beijing Institute of Technology shared opinions on Can the United States be Qualified to SayRule-Based International Order? Professor MAO Junxiang from Central South University talked about the topic of the Root Causes, Harm and Countermeasures of Human Rights Politicization. Professor LIU Hongzhen from Jilin University made some comments on A Sincere Approach to Human Rights: Combating the Politicization and Instrumentalization of Human Rights. Associate Professor TANG Yingxia from Nankai University discussed the Politicization of Human Rights Undermines the Foundation of International Human Rights Law.

In the second session, Professor ZHANG Wanhong from Wuhan University shared views on European and American Legislation on Due Diligence: New Trends in the Politicization of Human Rights. Professor QIAN Jinyu from Northwest University of Politic Science and Law made a report on The Internal Logic of Politicizing Human Rights: A Reflective Critique. Katta ORN, Member and Spokesperson of Cambodian Human Rights Commission presented ideas about Assessment of Human Rights Situation Becomes a Controversial Issue in the Context of International Politics. Professor LU Haina from Renmin University of China discussed the topic of Is the UN Special Procedures Neutral and What Can Be Done? Professor MENG Qingtao, from Southwest University of Politic Science and Law commented on Institutional Risks of Politicizing International Human Rights. ZHANG Yue, Associate Professor from Dongnan University gave some ideas regarding the Politicization of International Human Rights and the Return of the Standard of Civilization.

Professor He Zhipeng, Dean of Jilin University School of Law and Executive Director of the Human Rights Research Center, delivered a closing speech. He highly recognized and appreciated the participants’ contributions. Professor He pointed out that international rule of law represents the future of human rights and called for nations to promote the advancement of international law based on mutual understanding.