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Jida law new room the first commercial norms of independent or unique -- from the Angle of the civil code compiling "was successfully held
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On June 17, 18, 2016, the first law "" teahouse by the letter D jida district outstanding talent base classes the successful hosting of the classroom. This teahouse organized by jilin university law school, guest speaker for central south university law school professor and doctoral tutor professor xu in the margin, lecture titled "commercial norms of independent or unique -- from the Angle of the civil code compiling". This teahouse, presided over by a professor from Cao Xianfeng our xiao-jing hu associate professor, associate professor, associate professor of guo-zhu wang, liu took part in this room, at the teahouse and our part of the PhD, master's graduate students and undergraduates.
Professor xu in the edge points out that in the civil code, compiled under the time background of academic debate about civil and commercial unity or problem is still unfolding, than in the civil law, commercial law, regulate more show the uniqueness, therefore the general rules of the civil code of arrangement shall reflect commercial law, uniqueness, rather than independence. Specifically, the uniqueness of the commercial law of five aspects: the uniqueness of the business subject; The uniqueness of commercial behavior; The uniqueness of commercial personality right; The uniqueness of commercial property and the uniqueness of commercial rights. Professor xu in the edge also pointed out that the business should be legal in civil law, commercial law is, in fact, the special law of civil law. About the commercial general arrangement of the actual no necessary, commercial conditions because of the lack of system, the existence of legal rationality and the reality and cannot truly reflect the uniqueness of commercial norms. Finally make the reason, says prof based on commercial law perspective, the civil code compiling shall carry out necessary reflection, although our country civil law after the German civil law, but only in the system of civil code of German Pan Deke swallowed, German civil code, is only part of the civil law code is a problem, the system didn't realize the civil and commercial one.
Vivid image, the interpretation of professor xu in the margin level and humble, won the praise of teachers and students present. To coincide with the 70th anniversary of our school anniversary, as our distinguished alumni, professor xu in the margin to take this opportunity, to his Alma mater expressed deeply wishes, and told the all junior a junior, it is important to grasp the rare opportunity to study, constantly enrich oneself, make full use of all time, solid foundation, for the future into society early academic accumulation.
Our xiao-jing hu, associate professor made a wonderful reviews.

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