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5 JLU judicial system youth workshop was held successfully
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On the afternoon of June 18, 2016, sponsored by the jilin university school of law, the civil judicial research center 5 "jida judicial system youth workshop" in the center of jilin university campus KuangYaMing floor successfully held in room 534. Nanjing normal university, associate professor of the college music of law were invited to do titled "judicial reform idea transformation and mode reengineering" lecture. The lecture by the law, jilin university law school/theory research center Hou Xuebin associate professor, school of law Liu Gongzhen, li yj, hai-ping li, HuoHaiGong, xiao-gang wang, liu xiaoping, Dr FengFei, Zhu Zhenzhong teachers and some graduate students, graduate and undergraduate students to participate in the lecture.
Party joy, an associate professor from the visual Angle of the judicial supply and the demand, the emphasis on the analysis of supply and demand structure in judicial reform, to grasp the reality of the dynamic of judicial reform and the future development model. Party joy, an associate professor at first based on the number of court cases, analyzes the filing registration system reform under the legal requirements of the parties, and on this basis, to reveal a stage there is the phenomenon of irrational demand of the parties. After that, the party and associate professor of music from the judicial power operation mechanism reform, the judge system reform, the reform measures, such as specific analysis of the configuration with the authority of courts and judges and profit distribution problem, and on this basis, to reveal a stage judicial resources inefficient phenomenon in judicial supply level. According to the above two phenomena, the associate professor of music proposed increase in lawsuit cost to promote their rational litigation mode of judicial reform, to replace the existing reduce the lawsuit cost model of judicial reform. Finally, the music, an associate professor at for the future of our country judicial reform put forward its own views, and puts forward some concrete measures of judicial reform Suggestions. At the end of the lecture, the teacher and the students have questions, problems on judicial reform and confusion in the study of learning and the associate professor for further communication, the scene atmosphere warm academic discussion, lecture has come to a successful conclusion. Finally, Liu Gongzhen teachers from three aspects has carried on the detailed and clear and profound review and summary, think of the music teacher study based on the status of judicial reform and practice, choose the structure of supply and demand a thorough careful analysis, the gripper and surrounding the basic idea of judicial reform and judicial nature and function of open out more theoretical problems.
Jida judicial system youth workshop is sponsored by the jilin university school of law, the civil judicial research center series of academic activities, the future will regularly invite outstanding young scholars engaged in legal studies at home and abroad come to our hospital to do seminar, widen the multidisciplinary study of judicial system, enrich our teaching and research activities, to promote our foreign academic exchanges between teachers and students.

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