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Legal education and research at Jilin University (formerly the Northeast People’s University) commenced in 1948, and has seen rapid development since the reform and opening up of China in the late 1970s; in fact, the past sixty-eight years have seen Jilin Law School consistently at the forefront of legal education and research. In 1988, after receiving the approval of the Ministry of Education, our Law Department formally transformed into the School of Law, representing a dynamic development of the institution. It is one of the most prestigious law schools in China, currently led by Professor Lidong Cai as Dean of the School.
Jilin Law School is strongly committed to excellence in legal research and education. After decades of strenuous efforts, we now have a vibrant community of ninety-nine dedicated academic staff spanning across a broad range of specialisms. 96% of our staff members have already received PhD degrees or are currently undertaking PhD studies. Our academic community comprises both leading experts in their chosen disciplines and promising early-stage researchers, with thirty-four professors (including thirty-one PhD supervisors), twenty-seven associate professors and thirty-seven lecturers.
Our school is also host to many internationally and nationally renowned scholars. Professor Wenxian Zhang, the leading legal philosopher, now serves as Prominent Professor in Social Science at Jilin University. Professor Jianzong Yao is among the Top Ten National Distinguished Legal Scholars, and has received the National Outstanding Teaching Prize. Many of our scholars occupy important positions in prestigious academic and professional bodies, including membership of the State Council Degree Committee, the State Council Discipline Development Committee, the Social Science Committee at the Ministry of Education, chair of the Legal Education Guidance Committee at the Ministry of Education, and membership of the Social Science Value Construction Committee at the Ministry of Education. Our staff have also been conferred honours and prizes for their continuing commitment to cutting-edge research and the development of legal education in China, including the National Prize for Scholars with Outstanding Contributions, Leading Experts on Marxism Philosophy Research Development, Leading Experts on National Social Science Key Projects, and Distinguished Scholars and Outstanding Talents in the New Millennium, awarded by the Ministry of Education.

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