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Dedication to Subject Development

The school gives top priority to subject development. We have particular strength in legal fields of Jurisprudence, Criminal Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Economic Law, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, International Law and Legal History. High-quality PhD programmes are available in all these fields of law and in two interdisciplinary fields, namely Law and Economics and Law and Politics. In addition we also offer a variety of Master of Laws programmes covering all important fields of legal education, including Jurisprudence, Legal History, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Litigation Military Law, Procedures, Civil and Commercial Law, Economic Law, Environmental Law, and International Law. In particular, our Jurisprudence and Criminal Law subject areas, listed as National Key Law Subjects, have always achieved a leading role in research and education. Our jurisprudence researchers bring innovation and rigour to the frontiers of China’s legal development, and have made considerable contributions to the systematic reconstruction of legal philosophy in China, as well as the modernisation of legal methodological approaches. To date, our jurisprudence scholars have contributed to a number of important research projects, including the Basic Scope of Legal Philosophy, the Spirit of Modern Laws, and the Interconnection between a Knowledge-based Economy and the Innovation of Law, and have achieved significant progress by putting forward a number of cutting-edge legal theories. Over the past thirty years these theoretical and pragmatic studies have significantly promoted the overall development of legal philosophy and the construction of the Socialist Rule of Law system in China.
Our research in criminal law is also top-rated and benefits from the long and proud academic tradition and reputation of renowned scholars including Professor Yupei Gan, Professor Peng He and Professor Ge Gao. We strive to promote the social relevancy of our research, and we are committed to the continuous development of legal concepts, theories and methodologies. Our criminal law research is widely respected for its precision and excellence in many subfields, including human rights and international criminal law, international criminal courts, the value of criminal litigation, criminal justice and judicial interpretation. Over the years our criminal law scholars have undertaken a number of national, ministerial and provincial research projects, and their research accomplishments have been highly influential in policy, legal practice and theory development. In addition, our civil and commercial law subject is officially recognised as the Provincial Key Subject, with a high academic standing at the national level. Other disciplines, including constitutional law and administrative law, economic law, legal history and international law, are also very highly regarded.

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