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Law school class of 2016 "my favorite teacher" campaign and the award ceremony
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The grade 2012 undergraduate students voted out below 10 2016 jilin university law school's most popular teacher. The selection of the range is grade 2012 undergraduate teaching tasks on the teacher, the award ceremony on June 22 afternoon lecture hall in the teaching building.
10 2016 jilin university law school's most popular teacher are:
Cao Xianfeng
The words: knowledge, a teacher by worthy example; Knowledge think relentlessly resourceful, good at learning. Funny, you make a lively law; Simple, you make law no longer obscure. A few meters deep pit stop our steps; Thank you, and not the teacher's affectionate. Had a deep how much? 8 winter Japanese Confucianism. The highest honor school of law, is the most beautiful scenery in the high mountains.
Li yj
The word: DE jong heaven and earth, sympathised with the native place; Learn Gao Weishi, body is for fan. As we on the path of law lead, your knowledge in three feet platform to reveal, your wisdom is reflected in the interaction between teachers and students. In class, you lead me to break law in the field of maxwell's equations; In the book, you give us the good law the provisions of the soul. Permanently in the memory, Mr. Wind, hill high water is long. The ferry people forever, if water is self-development, the backbone of law.
Sun Liangguo
The word: we offer: we guarantee their feet on the ground looking at the stars at the same time; We can assure you that is always facing the sun, refused to rot; We promise to do a man pursuit of fairness and justice of law.
You promise: mission and responsibility, brilliant and struggle forever.
We reach an agreement, become strategic cooperation partners!
Zhi-peng he
The word: love laws, studies; Like China, erudite and informed. Point of the international situation, international relations, the aspiring young. Know you, you said your heart sorrow, don't know you, call you ask for anything. A person, a heart, the backbone of jida, the pillar of China!
Li Haiying
The word: serious cold criminal law, because you and become passionate, you unique skills in every roll will also let's amazing. In class, problem and for us, you also with our laughter. A scholar is a technology, whereas humor is an art. Thank you, let us in the acquisition of knowledge at the same time, also again and again to break through.
Ma Xinyan
The word: one party leading, art qunfang yan court; One for the teacher, education realm. Three feet platform, hid her noble gas; A handout, can not cover her only five cars; Although her class time is not long, but dharma masters, and wonder; Get to know each other soon, but impressed the hearts, beloved. Usufructuary right, real rights for security, this is the spiritual sustenance, she left us elegant goddess, best teacher, are we back to her tender affection.
The word: for 20 years and seven, filled with the whole country; Worth of learning after age, explore the truth the truth. At half, you to seriously responsible for lamp, candle, guide students; Thinking about all day long, you serious as the base, hard as stone, cast academic monument. Three feet platform and leave your inculcation; Four years, engraved you fill elegance. Down, don't forget ShiEn.
Yan-zhi wang
The word: rigorous scholarship, you use plain kind way of teaching to develop the international field of vision; Search for knowledge, and do you use the steadfast diligent academic attitude climb scientific peak, A teacher by worthy example, you use the generous and strengthen ethics win students praise. From many, many years, always diligent in elegance. You are talented and appearance of the level of male god teacher, you are the answer for us a mentor, you are the students learning model.
Hou Xuebin
The word: rather than curse the darkness, lit the lamp; Rather than fame and wealth, abetted regression
Beginner's mind. We remember the first lesson the backpack you constitution; Also remember each lesson will prepare a by introducing the teaching theme events around you; More remember whenever we all have been urged to ideals and interests to set aside a little space in the heart of you. Between the branch, you uphold the undergraduate course is the parent of university education. Path to find the source, you taught dreams is what keeps life going. You say love in June because of separation, in fact also love in June for the harvest. Graduation season, wave, a grateful; Blessing, filled with the whole country!
Hai-ping li
The word: vivid, is your language, for us to show the enchantment of the law; Rigorous, is your logic, through the heavy fog the unknown for us. The constitution class, taught you to declaim, spreading knowledge for us; To study the way, do you use positive enthusiastic attitude, head lamp for us. Love learning music teaching, Li Tao garden. All rivers run into sea, approachable. You are the best teacher, is also a good friend.
Congratulations on more than 10 teachers, as well as to all the rigorous doing scholarly research, patience to teach law school teacher say heartfelt thanks. Happy also ZhuJiLin university law school class of 2016 undergraduates, thanks!

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